“Be careful when speaking. You create the world around you with your words.”


(Maybe some advice our president can take to heart)

Poetry has been my saving grace over the last couple years, when it seemed like my painting pulled me to my darkest depths, the stitching of words, writing and poetry pulled me back out and I am forever grateful for that and for my teachers that guided me toward that, I’m sure you know who you are.

An exercise that was passed along, much like the word magnets on the refrigerator game, is to pick phrases from a bowl.  So this morning when phrases came streaming in over the weekend and today but not in any context, that is my approach.

On this grey day, this emerges-

Exquisitely enraptured

Birds in liminal meadows

Family lines

Water flows, sun rises

In missing you, am I missing the point?

Missing you

Differences of Mystics, saints and sages?

Orchard of my childhood

A stitch to path

Desire lines

A path to stitch

Here sometimes

Cherished imprint

Am I missing pieces?

Spring springs, men fall

Enjoying cake

Be love

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