Why?    Because.

Yesterday was a sunshiny day, so I walked down to the water.  I just sat for awhile and would look at the shimmery spots on the water and then close my eyes to see what colors would show up, sometimes purple, green, sometimes bright blue fading to purple magenta and then green.  Why? Because.

Long, long ago I played that game with my brother, parents, friends, and now my children. Why? Because.  Why? Because.  Why? Because.  Infinity.

I remember not liking the answer often as a child because it was usually coming from someone in a position of authority/superiority either-

1. Wanting me to just submit to that authority. (I've never been very submissive)

2. Because they didn't have the "easy" answer.

3. Didn't want to address continuing questions. Kinda related to number 2.

As a grown up (ish) I think "because" can be a fine answer if it involves your personal truth or a universal truth for instance- I am gay- someone asks why? -perfectly ok for me to say BECAUSE. (Period) or synonym being "because" this is my truth, I've explored this and I know this to be true for me.

Because = because this is true 

Definitions/synonyms of 

"Be"  and  "Cause" –


  • Exist, occur, take place
  • Synonyms-happen, transpire, arise, come about, materialize


  • A person or thing that gives rise to an action, phenomenon, condition, a principle, aim or movement that because of a deep commitment one is prepared to defend or advocate
  • Synonyms-source, root, origin, beginnings, starting point, ideal, belief, conviction

I think belief is where "because" can get tricky or complicated, because people have a tendency to see their personal truths as universal truths and that actually is not truth.  For example Why are all the modern day deities male? "Because" may be an acceptable answer for one person but it isn't necessarily an acceptable answer to everyone/me because I don't see it as either a personal truth and definitely isn't  a universal truth.

As far as being satisfied with the answer "because", I think people can accept that as an answer but if not, I don't think continuing to ask questions displaces or removes the mystery or sacredness of life, if anything, wouldn't questioning feed the mystery of life?

I have to write a personal statement for an application this weekend, I should probably be working on that instead, oh well, maybe this prompting will help.  Always grateful to the mystery.

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