Sigh.  I thought long and hard today for the right words.

If I’m everyone then I guess their mine.

If I’m alone then I guess their mine too.

If out of millions, the who’s?

Or what if we/I no longer exist, then who’s?

Either way, the bones always make me grieve deeply like souls lost at sea but deeper…

A few boats went by today.  They always have such beautifully poetic names but today’s seemed an odd poetic mixture.  I keep a list by my back door and record the names and colors.

Hawaiian Chieftain, was probably the most beautiful boat I’ve seen since living here, a pirate style sailboat (is that a schooner?).  It was a dark navy and gold.  Quite exotic for your basic shipping channel.

Ever Salute, a green and cream colored cargo/container ship.

Sound Guardian, white motor boat

And lastly and probably not the least Arcadia Highway, a grey vehicle carrier.

I only share this because it’s one of the little spots I gather my inspiration in the normal everyday of life (did I actually imply this life is normal? Hah!!!)

Anyway, grief, tears come, eyes dry occasionally.  Then I went to work on some pieces –

They are WIP, like me.  I’m working on the idea of 

Brokenness/ Bandaged / Wired for Flight (but in a divine sense not I’m a robot sense, because well that would suck! And I know you AI buffs in the Internet lands might be laughing your asses off because you know so much more than all us “normal” folks.  And while I’m assuming that we’ve all been messed with, I can still hope that there is something left to a whole human left in me) for more than just flight for glory.  I want healing on a massive sense, for you, me, Mother Earth.

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