This week

rose and thistle

Sigh, lots of sighs.

The whole world is sad.  I’ve tried to be present in my real life, but it’s such a struggle.  I just keep picking up the damn phone to see, to see what?  I don’t really know, 



But for what?  


Maybe that the evil that seems to have a stranglehold on this world will finally be vanquished (ideally by some woman super hero that also daylights as a regular person or maybe a homeless refugee). 

 I don’t know!!!  


But I keep looking to my fucking god damn phone if by some miracle, an oracle will ring up and say-

“don’t worry this time, we’ve got this, the wild Mystics of the forestlands, we’ve got this.”

Instead, it’s just bullshit.  My art is bullshit, this fucking country is full of goddamn bullshit!  And I’m sick of fucking looking at my phone for the next shoe to drop.  Why can’t we humans be nice?  What happened?  I don’t think it is really you humans, what else can explain this insanity.  How is it that the nicest people, turn into the worst people.  

How is it that I still have hope?  

For life, for love, for friends, for freedom, for my family. 

I so don’t want to lose hope.

It’s my littlest voice screaming inside, HELP ME.

And it’s the big me (that I can’t seem to find) saying back,  I see your chalk drawing cry for help, and I/we got this.

There’s hope, somewhere there’s got to be hope. 

Maybe it’s just not on my phone.

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