Things I think I Might Know

Inspiration is a gift.

Inspiration cannot be stolen.

~It can be cultivated, a relationship can grow but it is free to leave as it pleases.

Inspiration is wild, be ready for the ride.

Art is only paint on paper without inspiration.  Unlike inspiration this can be stolen but again is merely paint on paper without inspiration.

One should NEVER steal art from children, they already give art so freely. (Just check my drawers for proof!) and Karma is a mother who doesn’t take kindly to crimes against children!

Ideas can be stolen and often are, this doesn’t make this right.  But Ideas also have their own path so may just be moving on, this is a developing pondering.

Creativity is the work you put in to prepare for ideas and inspiration.  Sort of a way to hold your gifts. Like the earth for seeds. 

Your imagination can take you anywhere, even to places you’ve never imagined and even to places long thought lost.

Never ever tell an artist what she is or isn’t allowed to do.  You’re likely to be proven wrong. Naysayers need not apply.

Strangely these thoughts came in while I was writing these – 

2 is the only even prime number but I’m often called odd.

It’s not a competition find your own path.
” ‘Spare the world your ideas of good until you

Know all is good,’  my teacher once said to me.

Spare the world your ideas of right, until you know that all is holy.


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