The Feeling of the Sound




 I’ve been mulling over this little play of words lately and the way each sense impacts the other. And with this comes the way certain feelings a place will evoke.

As we moved out of California, I almost immediately felt a sense of relief, it may not have been the place, possibly it was just a matter of time for me to get past some hard work, but I can’t help tie it to the place that I once loved beyond any other.  Being a native Californian and a rare native born in San Francisico, I’ve loved my home for a long time, with San Francisco being a bit like Avalon hidden in the mists hiding something sacred and mystical.  But something has gone awry in the city and California, maybe it’s global warming and I’m over sensitive to the drought conditions which were even worst in Sacramento or maybe I like a bit more shade and rain in my life.  Anyway, I don’t wish California any ill will but I’m glad to be away and in a place that I feel more at home in.

So back to the feeling of the sound, yesterday was spent exploring the sound, climbing in and out of rock pools, watching and listening to the waves, counting and catching tiny crabs as we overturned the wet mossy rocks along the shore, and lastly drinking in the sunset.  A day that touched all of the senses.

Treasures from the day, even a piece of amber, or whale vomit, I’ve never found either before:

And to top it off we stumbled into an enchanting restaurant, which was a bit like crossing the best pub in Glasgow with an other worldly cafe.  The bar undar the Scottish flag was a good omen, and while I wasn’t  up for one of the millions of Scotches or Whiskeys, the fact that they were in the middle of Mardi Gras, made it easy enough to order a New Orleans inspired drink instead. “One that isn’t icky!” my three year old interjected to the waitress, she stuck with the Shirley Temple and I ordered mine extra icky as the waitress suggest I do!

Anyway on both the feeling of sound and a New Orleans note I’m completely smitten with the sound of the band Rising Appalachia right now and have been doing a lot of art and dancing listening to them.  

This is my current favorite…

Novel Acquaintance  

With this being a close second..

Anyway, it’s a big week, Mardi Gras, valentines, president birthdays… Enjoy it all ❤️

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