Crocker Art Museum

I went to the Crocker Art Museum today, partly for just enjoyment and partly because I needed to study some paintings for an upcoming assignment.  Here a just a few that really moved me:

I loved the ongoing movement in this one, Christopher Brown “Winter’s Blue Cold”, 1990-91

Winter's Blue Cold
Winter’s Blue Cold

While these luscious pies are stuck in time the vibrant colored impasto strokes add to the sense that one could reach out and take a piece.  Wayne Thiebaud “Boston Cremes”, 1962


Wayne Thiebaud, Boston Cremes, 1962

And this one was so intriguing because of the mother’s action and daughter’s reaction.  Additionally there was the juxtaposition of the Madonna and child in the background, as though the mother and  child in the foreground was a reaction to the Madonna.
David Hollowell, “Mother and Child”, 1989

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