Where now?

So the big book dyed and dried and now there’s so much to look at.  It’s smells divine, probably because I added a piece cinnamon bark into the mix.  I’m debating on whether to bind it and keep carrying it around with me (and then maybe dye it again) or to place it on one or more birch panels and of course then coat with beeswax.

A couple of things I noticed was that the beautiful color of the berries mostly disappeared, so I will have to think on that and see how to keep that from fading.  I also didn’t use any rusty bits which means it’s missing some of those beautiful dark marks that get left as little surprises.  Maybe that will be motivation to mark it some more and dye it again.

I’ve really enjoyed this process and feel like it combines so much of what I love and makes it more cohesive visually.  We will see if the universe agrees.