Sweet sounding

The birds are putting on quite the production this morning.  

With a hint of smoke in the air, the Flicker, in our most southwestern Douglas Fir tree is screeching for my attention, and of course she never has to wait long.

Coming in from the island across the Sound in front of me, a majestic Great Blue Heron serenely glides, ever so closely, over the glassy water to land on the closest Nothern shore.

Hummingbird, not to be ignored, buzzes in and hovers for seconds, or maybe eternally as life goes by so fast.

The Norfolk Pine, straight ahead is the happy home to so many birds, Jays darting in and out, Robins, finches, towhees, some other little reddish bird that I don’t know the name of, (I should really come up with a better way of identifying these! Oh well)

No wood pigeons today, which is fine by me.

The crows seem off in the distance, as if at a different playground perhaps.

The smoke, it still lingers, maybe getting thicker, but the birds don’t seem alarmed so I won’t worry, at least for a moment.

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