Studio time

So for the first time in a while I had some concentrated time in the studio.  (Thank you Michael for entertaining the girls for the day).  

Anyway, in addition to tidying up, I was able to paint, draw and get some leaf printing time in.

Some of the flowers we planted when we first moved in have started to give abundant blossoms, especially the red Nasturtiums, and then we have an unending supply of Herb Robert (stinky weed!)  as well as a hill of meadow flowers growing.  A few sprigs of False Indigo have sprung up so I was able to use a small bit of that.  As well as some maple leaves and Douglas fir branches.  It was possibly the first time I haven’t had eucalyptus in the dye batch.  The smell in the kitchen was much different and the Douglas fir gave it a sweet perfume.

Anyway, as usual I am surprised by the resulting colors.  The nasturtium blossoms yielded a blue print (I’m excited to try this on silk next!) while the false indigo leaves yielded yellow, the red herb Robert yielded brownish green.  

One thing I will not try printing with Again is red seaweed, it turned into quite the gluey mess, although I suppose somehow it could have changed something that allowed the other colors to be revealed, I’ll have to try a similar batch without the seaweed and see.

So grateful to have had some space and time for this work it was a very satisfying afternoon.

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