There is a storm here today.  I love storm watching from this house, the waves, the clouds, wind in trees, the boats that dare to go out.  Hearing the rain falling, which always makes me feel safe, I don’t think that is a universal feeling but for me rain means safe, the earth can still cry so we can still go on living or maybe something as simple as just meaning I can cozy up when the rain comes.

I think the funny thing is how storms so often hold such an ominous meaning, and I know that I’ve been fortunate to live where storms are relatively mild, but nature is so abundant here in the Pacific Northwest largely due to the many many rainstorms.

Rambling, yes, I know.  But I’m trying to find the place of hope and maybe understanding.  It seems mean out there in the bigger world, seeping (I use that word too much in my writing I’ve noticed),  I don’t understand it.  Is it that people can’t stop it?  The meanness, or is it something else?  I worry especially how it impacts our children?  Is it something unearthly happening?  Or is it just that we are living isolated in a box and just see what we are projecting? (Well I don’t think that is it otherwise we’d have a different president I think)  Is there a way to bring a better world without the “bad” stuff?  Or is that just perception/projection too?

I think and wonder about the best way to weather a storm, staying indoors, writing,  sewing, baking, drawing, dyeing, or maybe just cuddling with the people I love and looking out and watching.  Hoping that the rain brings good growth and we don’t lose too many branches in the storm.  Lots of pondering today, storms are good for that too.

Pondering on space and how the storms are weathered there?  

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