Pieces of poetry

This morning I spent time writing about my divorce and how I’ve written little poetry during this time.  I always miss poetry when I’m away from it.  I don’t feel that way about many other things.  My painting can come and go or my textile work can come and go and I don’t miss them like poetry.  Poetry has been my lifeline during the last two years as I’ve tried to figure out my up from my down, my left from right, my in from my out, especially my out.  Sigh.

Because I feel like I’m lacking my poetic inspiration right now, I’ve been shuffling through a stack of scraps with bits of poetic detritus (a favorite word of a favorite teacher).  This one floated to the top-

     Entwined with you

     Drifting in the bliss

     Then lost in the wilds


     I’m not

     Brave enough

     For this world.


But now I know that I am.

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