Painting layers


So now I’ve added another layer to these paintings,  experimenting with the cold wax.  It works ok working with layers of silk but not quite as well with paper. I’m hoping that mustardy color fades a bit with layers as well, kinda made a mess while I was opening the tube. 

The cold wax definitely doesn’t have the same adhesive qualities as the hot encaustic wax does.  But hopefully,  fingers crossed, by this time next month I will be once again working with my loved beeswax in my new studio space. While not a big industrial warehouse, which had certain advantages,  the new space is surrounded by gorgeous trees and lots of birds which far outweighs any downsides and probably much more suited to my temperament, being more quiet and serene.  I’m really looking forward to getting back to that work and happy that space seems to be taking shape for that to be possible.


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