Only so far away

On so many days

I feel like a baby

Learning to walk

Or at least how I 

Imagine a baby 

learning to walk, 

I don’t really remember

Such long ago times

Just glimmers, 

Funny how I seem 

To remember more

Then less then 

more again, strangely.



Then walking, 

I try to walk more often

These days, but

I fall,

I fall a lot 

And I cry.

I cry for my mother

But I’m in this 

Grown up thing

Of a body,

So of course she 

Doesn’t come running.



“Get yourself up”,

I moan.

“NO!” Stubbornly

“I won’t get up!  You will 

Just have to get me up!”


I again cry for my mother,

She probably hears me, 

And wants to help,

I imagine.

She just needs the motivation,

I cry Louder.

Surely she hears me,

I am only 

hundreds of miles away.

I sit, on the ground,

Imagining her here 

And now she is also

Making me tea,

And about to help me up.

I’m certain.


Blinking, I see

I’m still a floppy mess

On the floor, 

And the kettle is cold.


Then I remember 

Her visit just weeks ago,

Her tentative steps-

Step, cane, slowly step, step,

Sometimes a stumble.

“Help me” I hear, 

 I stand, finally

And begin walking, 

For I am only 


Of miles away.

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