Old dreams

I’m back in California for a few days, the house is being packed up by movers but I have to sort out my art studio, which I will admit is an absolute mess, a beautiful mess but mess none the less.

As I was packing, I was going through some of my journals from the last year and man it’s been quite the year, plans, hopes, experiences scribbled down.  And dreams, sometimes my dreams are pretty incredible and a dream that I wrote down from last April caught my attention because it kinda sums up my experience from the last year.  I’m just going to type in what I wrote in my journal for the sake of time saving…

“In the dream there was a lot of changing scenery which gave it an air of excitement.  Sometimes we were outside, sometimes in big public buildings, and there were so many teachers in the dream and they all believed in me and unwaveringly, but they believed in me for things that I had no competence in…the different teachers kept asking, “are you practicing? Are you practicing?”  Some of the teachers would sometimes be a mess and probably shouldn’t have been teaching at the moment.  For instance, one teacher would only wear all white all the time and had an all White House, and went to sell a sofa he had on the Internet, in the crazy ad, “very nice sofa for sale. Like new and very clean because my house is all white and I only dress in white”.  Wtf!?  That doesn’t even make sense, how does that even apply to the sofa?  How does wearing all white equal sofa being clean?  Anyway, I’m sure that could be a commentary on the current state of the world, on with the dream…

So this same teacher (happens to be an old boss that I had in real life in San Francisco).  Came to me to say I would be playing for a “master” and to have my music ready, so I grabbed this wadded up piece of paper and put it in my pocket and started chasing after this crazy teacher all over town.  Not even stopping to think, wait what music?  What master?  I don’t even play the piano, I mean I can play a fine chopsticks after 10 years of childhood lessons that’s about it.  So what was I doing following this crazy pink sofa owning teacher who believed in me?!  

So I followed him to the master, who was sitting in front of this large opera grand piano.  My teacher turned to me and said ok here you go, show them what you got!  I took out my wadded piece of paper and set about straightening it and hoping by some miracle I would be able to play this mess of a song on that piano for this very intimidating master…then I woke up…and in my awakened state I thought, why the hell would I not say something in the very beginning of the epic journey, “I Don’t Even Play the Piano!!” And the other thing I thought was I need to start practicing, I’m still sorting out what!!! And no amount of desire alone is going to prepare one to play for a master, it takes a lot more practice than I’ve had, but I’m willing to keep practicing if I can figure out the right art.

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