Today is a beautiful day, it’s the 4th anniversary of my youngest baby’s birth.  The births of my children are the most magical things I’ve experienced in this life and I think their birthdays are good moments to be really really present.  

As an artist, maybe it’s just a human thing but I think artists lean more in the direction of having wild imaginations and I have a very wild, nearly feral, imagination with the ability to travel worlds before I even rise out of bed in the morning.  

The trouble with the wild imagination is that it makes it really really easy to escape everyday life and you end up missing out on some of the simple beauties right smack in front of you like a 3 year old screaming, “wipe my booty!” , ok so I don’t miss that usually.  But I remember having a conversation with my oldest daughter’s kindergarten teacher and she mentioned how the dimples on her hands would start disappearing now that she was 5, and sure enough, after I left her classroom, I took her hands and poof, the dimples, gone.  With my youngest I’ve tried, often failing of course to keep noticing the dimples and they are still there, I’m hoping for at least another year, but I know each year brings its changes, and by this time next, they will be gone most likely.

So today in honor of birthdays and trying to be more present and capturing the art right in front of me, I’m going to observe them and play and try and soak it all in again and again.  Vacation to wild imagination land can wait at least for a bit.

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