November 27

Our Christmas tree is up and the girls have made sure that nearly every ornament is on the tree, a beautiful, well decorated tree.  My mom reminded me how my grandmother (dad’s side) always flocked her tree, do people still spray fake snow on their trees?

My paternal grandmother was Irish with a pinch of French and as eccentric as one could imagine.  Collecting endless textiles but leaving them scattered in useless piles.  A family legend is that she was supposedly the first person to breed sea horses in captivity, I’ve yet to find reference of this tale.  When her children grew up and no one used the swimming pool, she let the sixties kidney shaped (my dad informed me after reading this that it was actually frog shaped!)  aqua pool turn green and threw in koi.  She enjoyed watching the great blue heron fishing (not an easy task with all the algae) the koi for the rest of her life.

Her house was usually a filthy mess because, mostly, she was a tortured soul (and an alcoholic) but her Christmas tree was almost always perfect- flocked with either pink or blue ornaments, always monochromatic.  I wish I remember well enough which years she was happier, although she rarely seemed truly happy.

Years ago at her funeral, my younger cousin was talking to me and stopped and whispered, “you know they say she was a witch!” Not sure what I said but I remember thinking “that explains a lot” then walking away.  Later I inherited 2 large chests of her textiles.  I have very little of them left with all the moves through the years but there’s a wee bit and I think I should probably make something with the pieces.

In honor of family and the season, I’m logging off completely, well I’m sure I’ll still lurk occasionally in a few favorite corners of the world, but my intention is to give my present of presence to the present.  Happy holidays to you all and much love.

(Now if I wasn’t always misplacing my sewing basket!)

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