Yesterday, everyone seemed especially moody (and I’ll admit when I say everyone that means mostly me) and we were out and about and I was just not feeling especially grounded.  

So when we got home, we were all out of sorts and while a walk would have helped the mood, the day was getting dark and rainy so I decided the next best thing was to do something with our hands.  My oldest was eager for this and my youngest jumped in at various points to help, scattering leaves or making a stitch here and there. So we stitched some things and decided to dye some of it with things we collected along the way this week.

Anyway, we had a few things to roll up- redwood bark, cottonwood buds, what I think are red oak leaves, onion skins, pine needles and some extra spices that I’m hoping might add color.  I already had a pitcher of elderberry infusion that I had made way too strong to actually consume so I added that to the pot, hoping it doesn’t overpower everything else.  The one tree I miss having very ready access to is eucalyptus, which I could literally walk out my door in California and collect 1000 different types.  I heard that the largest Washington eucalyptus is at UW somewhere, and has an honored status of sorts, which strikes me as funny since in California it seems to be seen as such a pest, perceptions vary so much, sigh.

Hoping to find a few, maybe at the botanical gardens or other places, it is definitely now on my radar!

I’m going to try and be patient with the bundles we started last night and let them sit a few days—That I’m sure will be easy enough.

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