Measuring moments by mergansers

On my morning walk to the water this Sunday, I was hoping to see quite a few of the birds that I had seen previously but when I got down there it was empty, with the exception of one wood duck.  Well I used to call them wood ducks until I actually took a moment to look them up and finally learned that they are called Mergansers.  Pretty much any duck that wasn’t a mallard or white duck (they probably have an official name too!) has been classified a wood duck by me since childhood.

And so myself and the lone wood duck, I mean merganser, hung around for a bit. Me drawing, writing, stitching, pondering and him, possibly her (they look similar), hanging out fluffing, preening, and floating around.

I decided that I was going to stay as long as the merganser stayed since I didn’t want to just leave it alone, I liked to imagine it had become rather dependent on me.

So I continued working head low and it continued doing what it was doing.  Next thing I knew there were 13-14 mergansers  hanging all around.

What I love about them is their ability to suddenly just disappear and dive incredibly deep down and you have absolutely no idea where they will turn up or when.  Each dive I was as curious as the next to the where and the when of their reappearance and I would even observe my anxiousness in the disappearance, but just about the time that I had given up hope, up they’d pop!  And there would be that sense of relief with the knowing that they knew what they were doing even if I didn’t. A good lesson in faith.

After awhile, they began to float away in pairs, and when there was just one pair left, I decided that was my time to walk home.

It was a much better way to measure time than by the clock.

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