Marrying Myself & Life without Excuses

This weekend I got a new tattoo and it looks a bit like a wedding bouquet, gathered along a wild path and tied up with string made by my hands. And in all honesty it is a bit of a wedding bouquet for the marriage to my true self. My new tattoo covers up a much smaller one done nearly 30 years ago which was representative of the search we all go through looking for validation outside ourselves- which I no longer find I want- everything I need is right here now. How fitting is it that my tattoo artist’s name means “sent by the queen”! For indeed I feel I am the queen of my own life now!

Like all weddings, this weekend was blessed with special guests, ceremony drenched in honey sweet ritual, beautiful music and divine dance, and my soul and spirit feel nourished and fed. I feel alive and inspired more than ever to go forward and live life without excuses.

Thank you great mystery for the wild path and lighting my way on this journey.

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