A couple of years ago 

I ran away from home 

in the middle of the night

Cracked and broken

Lost and lonely 

Looking for loved ones

Chased by lightning 

Following Falling stars 

from the heavens

Guiding my way 

Out to the oceans depths

Making amends

Trying to mend out of mud 

Sand castles of my lost land

Loved, the word that

Drove me to fear 

Fear drove me to 

the edge of my sanity

And dropped me down 

the cliffs of hell

The square, rigid mess

 Everything was square

And fit in a square

Maybe that's why

I like curves, spirals and circles


What, who brought me back?

Am I back? Maybe not quite?

But it had something to do with 


"loved" brought me there 

To my despair

And her love brought me 

Back to here.

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