Happy Anniversary


It’s been a year…

How did it start in beloved bliss

And then take a deep dive

Into the great abyss?


These days are spent 

Wandering the winding ways 

Never quite sure who will come 

And who will stray.

I wish I could have stayed,

I don’t understand

The pieces in these parts

And the parts that they play.

I pray to remember each day,

Why you buried me so deep,

So deep,

That I can’t find my way 



I still dream of wild horses

And whales of the deep,

But it’s like we’re no longer free,

Rather watching them on TV.


You said to have courage,

I’ve tried with all my might.

But it seems this cage is oh so tight, 

That I can’t ever seem to take flight

And just feel like I might be

Re-losing the fight.

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