Flowing Through the Wild Blue

The last two days have been all about the blues, the good kind.
Yesterday, while paddle boarding, little Isla and I were lucky enough to see three young Orcas swimming around and through the blue sound.  I always feel so blessed at a sighting of those incredible beings.  I felt additionally blessed since my niece is visiting and she had the chance to see them.

Then today at a children’s art camp I’m running, we worked with Cyanotype.  Cyanotype and dyeing with Indigo might be my favorite art projects to do with children.  Both cyanotype and indigo both seem to imbue a sort of magic with the  transformation process of changing from a yellow green to blue.  The process always brings the oohs and ahhhs from the kids during the big reveal after the long wait and anticipation.  (Although in between we made larger than life spider webs with painters tape, also blue!)

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