Feeling quiet

My art practice has been quiet and internal the last couple of weeks with not much to share.   But Rob Brezsny’s post this morning struck me with lots of thoughts and contemplation, that I had to share.


“What the poet is searching for

Is not the fundamental I

But the deep you”

-Antonio Machado, translated by Robert Bly

This strikes me so much because if one includes the idea that we are all each other’s mirror, how does one process this poem?  Is this a greater insight than just searching for our more authentic selves, but instead searching for that self in others?  I think I do that in ways anyway. Is that the reflecting pond we find the truth, whatever that means.

Quiet thoughts.

The universe keeps saying shhhhhh.  Hushing me.  Except the song birds, they are singing in the spring, I can feel that so much.

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