Fear of the future

At many points in my life I have had a dreaded fear of the future and it sometimes becomes very debilitating to carry myself through and last night was particularly rough.  Maybe it was a result of the class or  Maybe it comes with having young children and wanting to cherish every second of their life.  Maybe it comes from knowing we have a big move coming up and the unknowns for our family’s future are so incredibly unfathomable, I can’t wrap my brain around the what ifs, or seem to let them go.  Maybe it’s looking at how well my husband has carried me through the last few months and realizing I’ll  never be able to express fully how grateful I am that he still supports me on the path dare to hope that continues.

Maybe the fear is just a vehicle to exercise  deep gratitude.  I’m so grateful for everyone in my life.

I’m not so sure about anything right now, and I definitely keep tripping up but definitely not on purpose.

My babies are cuddled in bed and I think I’ll skip the next sentence to join them.

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