Eucalyptus and the universe

Today, moving slowly and in a fog of what is probably the onset of a cold, I went out into the big wide world looking for notions and a couple of pieces of fabric for a small sewing project I’m starting.

After stopping at District Fabric in Fremont and finding the prettiest Linen, I headed back to the car.  Since I was feeling sick I wasn’t particular interested in much but as some people blocked my path I practically ran in to a Eucalyptus tree.  This may seem like no big deal to Australians and Californians but there are so few here that I’ve so far only mapped 4 total and one of those is on UW’s campus arboretum.  Excited, I picked one leaf and stumbled back to the car.  As I placed my parcel in the passenger seat a man who was sitting in front of the building I was parked at began to talk to me about the tree.  And starts to tell me the medicinal benefits of said Eucalyptus tree (I probably could use said benefits) but actually I was thinking of the dyeing aspects of the leaves.  Anyway we keep talking and it ends up young Benny has been sitting there in the neighborhood 20 years being the resident artist of the wall murals and cairns at his location and planted this special eucalyptus for his mother 16 years ago.  When I shared that I dyed fabric with eucalyptus and would it be ok to take some of his eucalyptus, he gladly helped me gather some branches. I felt honored to meet someone so willing to be such a constant with his neighborhood and world and just show up and continue to offer himself, a lesson I’m always working and struggling with.

I told him I would be back after I dye some fabric with his Eucalyptus, I just happened to find the exquisite Italian wool at Nancy’s Sewing Basket in above picture, right after meeting Benny.   I’m so curious what color will occur, I’m guessing green because the other Seattle eucalyptus turned green.  

When the day brings you Eucalyptus, gorgeous textiles and inspiring new artist friends, it’s easy to fall asleep with the words “thank you” on your lips.

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