Eucalyptus and Hibiscus

I’ve not put much of my dyed stuff online lately so here’s a sampling of what I’ve worked on since we’ve moved up to Seattle.  It’s interesting how the green eucalyptus will often go red and the red hibiscus will often go blue, gold and purple.

silk wrapped in tin dyed with red hibiscus flowers in iron pot
The photo doesn’t do it justice but there are so many colors in this little piece.
silk dyed with red hibiscus flowers in iron pot

silk (eucalyptus) and raw silk (red hibiscus )

piecing together- raw silk, silk, hemp and cotton
not quite finished kimono- sleeves(red hibiscus in iron) bodice (eucalyptus in iron
Still very much a work in progress but the shape is enough to not just be in a pile in my bag.
raw silk- dried hibiscus leaves in aluminum pot
nearly finished dress- wool and silk dyed with eucalyptus

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