Desire and Love Lines

Desire can tell you which way the wind is blowing. Love is the compass. ~ me

A lot of my explorations over the last couple years have been on desire and love. We all know Love is good, but desire is often seen with suspicion and sometimes down right animosity. Many spiritual traditions shun desire in a stance that is similar to choosing either desire or love, there is not both much like heaven or hell.

In my observations of my own desires, I find that desire can tear a person to shreds in their endless searching but, desire can also feed your passions. And these passions can be the deep as the ocean passions, which can end up honing oneself into a deeper and truer version of themselves. But it is not at the sacrifice of Love and Honesty but actually with these hand in hand, one finds themselves on their true Love lines and desire lines.

Happy valentines y’all!

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