Crystal clear


I sat today

And waited.

Waited for answers,

To questions asked 

And unasked.

I saw many boats

And a clock ticking.


Then I sat 

Without waiting,

A crystal clear day

Cold as ice

A rumbling 

in me

And below.

I saw men and monsters 

Behind the machines.

I asked my rage to wait

I know her 

I am not ready yet,

A rage unsettled 

Does no one any good.

But how when to turn the words?


The birds are Guarding 

their food today,

Spinning seeds, crumbs,

Sweet nectar that sustains 

Them through the cold.

The nuthatches are simply 

clearing the webs from the eaves.


Now, I sit, 




A quietness,

A ticking clock,

Remnants of steam 

escaping the kettle


I see a cup of tea 


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