What do I know about courage?

I’m certain, not enough.

Do I have enough to face this world?

A question asked often these days.

Do I have enough to wake up each morning and look at my amazingly beautiful human babies and then with caught breath, muster the hope.  The hope to make this world a better place for them. 

If just for myself, in my selfish moments, I might run off with the next galactic gypsy caravan that came my way,

But No.

I won’t.

My heart is not for sale.

I will instead, slowly 

in each remembering moment 

try desperately to breath,

To breath and witness,

Witness my children.

Witness their beautiful humanness-

Their giggles, their temper tantrums,

their appointments at the dentist, 

their jumps and leaps,

Their doing the dishes, 

Their failed recipes,

Even their watching the TV,

Their new skills,

Their pride in choice of path. 

Our courage growing.

Even on days when it feels 

like we are failing miserably, 

Our courage growing.

And hopefully as they continue to grow along their own paths-

I will be there to smile, witness and with every conscious loving cell in my body-

Know that this time, here and now is world enough.  

And my witness to this will be my ultimate show of courage.

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