I am apparently color blind.  When I was lead into the weekend I didn’t realize that so much of my art class would be judged on the colors.  Last I checked red was red and sometimes purple is purple and lead is sometimes gold, blue is a favorite color, and orange looks like blue birds in the river, but of course salmon pink is beautiful I’m not exactly sure yet, I’ve Said before I’m still learning which art I’m best at so I’m so hoping not to be rushed into a color choice that is bad for my next canvas.

I’ve been lost in this class most of the time with today being exceptionally bad with a gas leak taking place (which lead to me crying incessantly) just like Delphi and the class having to relocate down to another classroom, I should have followed my instincts and just skipped class this weekend but if my prophecy skills were any good I wouldn’t need this class or the teacher so much.  I just wish I could have spoken with my living breathing teacher in India because I know that they would have been able to advise me of the right way.  But once again the path got muddled and I have to pick up and get back to tending to the art that may just be painting after all.

I do hope that someday I’ll make it back to India for a proper art class but my skills will obviously need to improve before then, until then I hope my current teacher can please forgive my color blindness.

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