Chasing Shadows of Chains

My favorite paper for most anything these days is Canson’s mixed media paper and the beautiful thing is that not only does it come in journal, loose flat format but it also comes in a large roll format.

Soooo, today I’m beginning venturing with this lovely large piece.

I’m chasing the shadows through the window, mapping the waves of the sound (water and Sigur Ros) and  the blackberries on the hill are ripe so- I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a prettier color on paper.

Now I’m going to see what kind of folds I can work this ginormous piece of paper into.  My plan is to carry it around for the next week or two (maybe until the full moon) and see what things get picked up for it and throw it in with leaves and findings and see what happens.  It’s a slightly new process and slower, which I’m sure will be a good thing.

To be continued…

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