Baby steps

As spring moves along and the sun begins to show it’s very bright side in the Pacific Northwest,  I’m struck by trying to figure out which direction to move now that we are settled in our new home on this lovely floating space station.

Slowing down and figuring out how to balance being a mama and being an artist at the same time isn’t easy.  I try to be zen about it but just so often feel torn with a sense of the crushing duality.  I often wonder if my obsession with creative endeavors is worth it, as the last thing in the world that I want to do is jeopardize my children’s future for the sake of my art.  Finding ways to simultaneously strengthen my soul and my girls’ usually is what works the best; which is usually being out in nature.  Luckily we are getting a fair share walking down to the waters edge a lot, which is good for us. And in even just the short time we’ve lived here I can tell that the beach will be an endless lesson in the cycles of life for myself and the girls.

A fun thing my oldest and I have been enjoying is finding clumps of rust down at the beach and then cracking them open like geodes to find the treasure that lies inside, usually old nails or bolts but occasional we find hinges or chains and we imagine they came from sunken pirate treasure. 

On the art front, I’ve almost gotten my studio back up and running and learning how the different temperature and humidity levels here in Seattle affect the beeswax, it goes on much thicker and is a bit foggier (perchance just a mirror reflection of my mental state).

Additionally, I’ve been back to dyeing more leaf prints and exploring the plants around our new home- maples, elderberry, dandelions, forget me not, purple nettle and lots of flowers and weeds I’m still learning the names of, which will probably be a nice lifetime project.

All in all there is lots to do, and as usual my problem is prioritizing, so back to the regularly programmed madness.


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