Despite the universe seeming to be Janus embodied right now, I was able to sleep remarkably well.  And as I rose with the sun this morning I reflected on how much strength I recover under the light of the moon each night and am grateful for that rest and beauty.

And when I woke the first thing I reflected on was the beauty of colors and how a favorite color combination are the colors of Mary. Maybe it’s my love of natural colored cloth or maybe it’s the healing tones but the rose of her gown and the protective blue of her mantle have always been so symbolic of a loving mother, something that I not only hope I uphold in my own family but also in my interactions with the world, even when it seems cruel and only wants to destroy me. 

There is a sense of magic in the colors as if they could perform miracles in healing the world.  

While you may think me naive and ignorant that the world can be healed, so be it.  I rather have hope and believe in love and the magic of miracles than lose all faith.  

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